Neale Petersen
Founder & CEO
Real Estate Investor Magazine

South Africa

Neale is the Founder and Editor-inChief of Real Estate Investor Magazine (REIM) and host of real estate marketing platform. He is one of the author’s of an inspirational book called ‘Dance until it Rains’ an accomplished entrepreneur, real estate influencer, investor and mentor. Neale has had the unique privilege of meeting and interviewing many local and international investors, millionaires, billionaires, entrepreneurs, businessman, sport stars and entertainers to learn and share their unique secrets to their extraordinary success and challenges. His highlight includes meeting and interviewing real estate mogul and current US President Donald Trump in Sydney, Australia in September 2011. Neale has also interviewed Robert Kiyosaki, Dolf de Roos, Dr. Christo Wiese, Mark Wainer, Des de Beer, Sol Kerzner, John Smit, Ryk Neethling, Sisa Ngebulana amongst other property moguls. Neale’s purpose is to educate, empower, inspire, add value and transform people to become successful in building personal wealth through real estate. Neale is passionate about both the creativity and psychology when investing in real estate. He mentors many high-performing investors, entrepreneurs, businessman and is a highly sought after seminar leader and keynote speaker. Neale will be talking about 'Dragging real estate investors and industry kicking and screaming into a new digital future' at the Property Investor Theatre. DOWNLOAD THE FULL PROGRAMME FOR MORE!