First-Time Buyer Theatre


What are my options if the bank declines my home loan?

  • How to buy the house you rent
  • Can I get non-banking finance to buy a property – to live in or as an investment?
  • How do I go about to buy a property through Rent2buy? 

Presented by; Meyer De Waal, Director MDW INC Attorneys & Rent2buy


From property rookie to expert in no time – How to find the best property and get the best deal for it 

  • Find the best house for you, and find it first 
  • How to go about getting a bond, and getting the best rate 
  • Know Your Stuff – when making the biggest decision of your life 
  • Making sure you are getting the best deal for you  

Presented by; Greg Crowder, Marketing Manager: Private Property 



4 Essential tips for first-time home buyers

  • Where you'd like to live
  • Understand your financial status
  • Understand the initial and up-front costs
  • Use the available online tool

Presented by; Xoli Ndwandwe, Head of Affordable Housing, Nedbank


What are the role and responsibilities of an Estate Agent in a property transaction?

  • What negotiation boundaries does an Estate have?
  • What are the Benefits of Using an Estate Agent?
  • If the agent is seller appointed, what rights do I have as a buyer? 

Presented by:

Joseph Sakoneka, Registrations Manager, Estate Agencies Affairs Board


Things to consider when buying your first home 

  • What research and preparation can you do to save you time and money?
  • Exploring the financial process of buying your first home and cost considerations 
  • Tips for home maintenance to avoid costly repairs

Presented by; Isthiaq Sattor, Provincial Home Loans Acquisition Manager, Gauteng


Understanding the Transfer process, and your rights 

  • What are the rights of a purchaser while dealing with an estate agent and transferring attorney
  • Brief overview of the transfer process – what happens when?
  • Should you buy your property in a trust as a first-time buyer?

Presented by; Cilna Steyn, Managing Director, SSLR


Top 10 Pitfalls to avoid when buying your first home

  • What to look out for when buying your first home?
  • How to go about buying your first home?
  • What possible pitfalls should you avoid when buying a property?


Presented by;

Carlo Mariani, Founder of ThePropertyCoach