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The ABC of House Hunting 

You may live in your first home for a long time, so it’s important to choose a property that suits your lifestyle now, and in the future.

- Things to consider when you start searching for a home that is suitable for your lifestyle.

- How to search smart, not waste time, and get a gauge on market pricing.

- Money matters – pre-approval, affordability and bridging finance.


Presented by;

Greg Crowder – Marketing Manager, Private Property 


Euphonik’s top tips for getting on (and moving up) the property ladder.

DJ, music producer, radio presenter, entrepreneur and property investor. Euphonik shares his experiences and top tips for securing your future with property.

- How Euphonik got started as a property investor.

- How you can prepare yourself to take calculated risks.

- What makes a good investment property.

Presented by:

Themba Nkosi aka Euphonik 


Check-list for house viewings.

Don't let your dream home become a nightmare. Learn practical tips on what to look for when viewing a house.

- How to spot expensive defects and avoid buying a money-pit.

- The five biggest potential problem areas that every home buyer should know about.

- How the voetstoots clause and Consumer Protection Act affects the buyer.

Presented by;

John Graham, HouseCheck


Financial considerations when buying your first home.

There are costs associated with the buying process. It is important to draw up a budget and understand what you can afford, Don’t only look at the bond repayment; factors such as rates, maintenance and insurance must be added into the equation. Doing the research will save you time and money in the long term.

- What other additional costs should you consider?

- Why financial planning is important? (and easier than you think!)

- How much should you put aside for home maintenance?

Presented by;

Standard Bank Home Loans


The price is right..?  A guide to negotiating and making an offer.  

Any salesperson will tell you that negotiating the best deal is a fine art. 

- How to check if the property is priced correctly and you aren’t over paying. 

- When should you offer asking price, or knock the selling price down?

- Who has the bargaining power – buyer or seller?  



Understanding a contract of sale 

The contract of sale is a legally binding agreement and it is crucial you go through it with your lawyer and understand it thoroughly.

- What are the most important clauses to look at?

- What steps can you take to protect yourself when signing the documents.

- What are your rights in the event of a dispute or non-fulfilment? 


Presented by;

Lanice Steward, President, The Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa (IEASA) 


The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP)

FLISP is an instrument that assists applicants earning between R3,501 to R15,000 per month to acquire a residential property for the first time.


-       How a subsidy of up to R87,000 can help you buy your first home.

-       What are the qualifying criteria?

-       How do you apply?


Presented by;

National Housing Finance Corporation


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