Property Investor Theatre


Property Investment Market in Birmingham, UK 

  • Why smart investors are choosing Birmingham in England
  • Understanding the impact of a £8 billion investment in high speed rail infrastructure
  • Learning about the Birmingham’s Big City Plan.

Presented by; Johnny Conran, Director, Seven Capital


The principles of investing to jump start your successful property portfolio 

  • Get the results and make money investing in property.
  • Build the knowledge that can help you become a great investor
  • Follow these practical steps that you can use to be successful
  • Get the motivation to take total action on the knowledge

Presented by; Neale Petersen, Founder/Publisher, Real Estate Investor Magazine


An overview of the UK property market for South African investors

  • Hedge & Diversify: Why you should be investing in UK property right now
  • Looking at offshore property as an alternative investment
  • UK property investment strategies
  • How to structure your investment in the UK 

Presented by; 

Tigran Smith, South Africa Business Development Manager – Select Property Group

Andrew Rissik, Managing Director - Sable International


How to structure your property investment portfolio for maximum gains?

  • Why investing in property is so lucrative?
  • Understanding the cash flow & returns behind a property investment portfolio?
  • How to structure your property investment portfolio?
  • How to manage a successful property portfolio?

Presented by; Jaco Grobelaar, Managing Director, Prosperity Enterprises


Gauteng’s best performing property investment hot-spots 


  • A detailed look at Gauteng’s property market with hot-spots by sector, price-point, suburb  and buyer demographics
  • A brief overview of the current state of the South African property market 
  • Highlighting pockets of excellence and areas that have performed well

Presented by; Paul-Roux de Kock, Data and Analytics Director: Lightstone 


How to limit the tax impact on your property investment assets. 

  • Understanding tax implications that can make or break your returns on a property investment
  • Should you buy in your own name, through a company or through a trust? 
  • What is Capital Gains Tax, and what can I do about it? 
  • Are there any tax breaks for Property Investors? 

Presented by; Wessel Robertson, Director: Enderstein Van der Merwe Attorneys


Extracting value through distressed property

  • How to extract value through distressed property
  • Where do you find these opportunities?
  • How do you fund these projects?
  • Key tips on working with your builder

Presented by; Andrew Walker, Co-Founder of SA Property Investors Network 


Will land expropriation affect my residential property investment?

  • A snap shot of the current laws governing possession & dispossession of land. 
  • Cutting through some of fake news to understand what expropriation without compensation really means.
  • What will the land reform policy changes look like for residential property investors and the broader residential industry?

Presented by; Nkuli Bogopa, President, South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners