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Location, location, location – Joburg’s best performing investment hot-spots. 

A detailed look at Joburg’s best performing investment hot-spots by sector, price-point and suburb.  

- Which areas are showing the best capital growth 

- Which sectors and price-brackets are highest performing 

- How you can use statistics and information to determine correct market advice. 


Presented by;

Paul-Roux de Kock - Data and Analytics Director at Lightstone Pty Ltd


Property finance – how does the bank assess your application and can you utilize your property to increase your wealth? 

The process of applying for property finance can seem daunting and complicated - knowing what banks are looking for when assessing your application can avoid a lot of anxiety and get you the outcome you are hoping for quicker. 

- What criteria are used, and what are some of the red-flags that may be raised when the bank assesses a loan application?

- What are some of the important considerations when structuring your property finance?

- How do you use current property and assets to increase your wealth?


Presented by:

Hayden Giger, Private Bank Lending, First National Bank


What should you consider when investing in property

Thinking about investing in and working towards a portfolio of properties to increase your wealth and secure your financial future? Here are a few tips from South Africa’s leading real estate agency.

- Diversifying your assets into property

- Understanding the dynamics of the local property market

- How to identify an attractive property investment

Presented by;

Sandra Gordon, Head of Pam Golding Properties Research


How to become a property investor – the do’s and don’ts

Buying your first investment property can be a very daunting prospect, here’s a practical guide with some of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ to help you get on the way. 

- How can you break into the buy-to-let market

- Why are the market conditions favourable to do it now? 

- What should you consider before you make the commitment?  


Presented by;

Neale Petersen – Founder/Publisher, Real Estate Investor Magazine


How Tax can affect your property investment 

Understanding the tax implications that can make or break your returns on a property investment.  

- Should you buy in your own name, in a company, or through a trust?

- A logical approach to Capital Gains Tax, and the impacts of CGT on various entities. 

- Understanding the very importance difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion!

- What is deductible on rental income?  


Presented by;

Wessel Robertson, Associate, Enderstein van der Merwe Inc


A Landlord’s guide for dealing with leases and problem tenants

Where does the landlord / tenant relationship usually break down, what can you do when it does, and when should you approach an attorney? This practical advice helps you to;

- Learn from some of the common, unusual and peculiar cases encountered over a 10 year career in evictions.

- Understanding your responsibilities to the tenant and the role of the Housing Rental Tribunal.

- What actions you can take that will make a significant impact on the duration and cost of a case.

Presented by;

Cilna Steyn, Managing Director, SSLR Inc



Stack UP!  PGP’s campaign to attract, educate and mentor our upcoming young professionals.

At Pam Golding Properties we believe that nurturing and enriching our next generation of South Africans is a key and vital social responsibility. We have identified a pressing need to demystify the process of becoming a first-time buyer, to enable our youth to become active participants in the property market. In response, we are launching our ‘Stack Up’ campaign to attract, educate and mentor our upcoming young professionals. 

Presented by;

Pam Golding Properties 


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