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How to become a property investor? – the dos and don’ts

Buying your first investment property can be a very daunting prospect, here’s a practical guide with some of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ to help you get on the way. 

- How can you break into the buy-to-let market

- Why are the market conditions favourable to do it now?

- What should you consider before you make the commitment?

Presented by:

Neale Petersen – Editor of Real Estate Investor Magazine


What do the banks REALLY consider when assessing your application for finance and how do you use current property assets to increase your wealth?

- What criteria are used, and what are some of the red flags that may be raised when the bank assesses a loan application?

- How do you use current property assets to increase your wealth?

Presented by:

Hayden Giger - First National Bank


Location, location, location – Cape Town’s best-performing investment hot spots. 

A detailed look at Cape Town’s best-performing investment hot spots by sector, price-point, suburb and street.

- Which areas are showing the best capital growth?

- Which sectors and price brackets are the highest performing?

- How can you use these statistics to get the best deals?

Presented by:

Paul-Roux de Kock - Data and Analytics Director at Lightstone Pty Ltd


What should you look for when considering an investment property?

Thinking about investing in and working towards a portfolio of properties to increase your wealth and secure your financial future? Here are a few tips from South Africa’s leading real estate agency.  

- Diversifying your assets into property 

- Understanding the dynamics of the local property market 

- What makes an attractive rental property?

Presented by: 

Sandra Gordon, Head of Pam Golding Properties Research


Tips for buying an investment property off-plan

Buying ‘off-plan’ is an attractive investment option as the property may have appreciated in value by the time you take transfer, and saves on transfer duties.  What factors should you be aware of when considering an off-plan purchase?

- Understanding the lag between buying and building 

- How does mortgage finance work with freehold and sectional title?

- What are your rights if something goes wrong?

- What new developments are in the pipeline?

Presented by:

MSP Developments 


How tax can affect your property investment?

Understanding the tax implications can make or break your returns on a property investment. 

- Should you buy in your own name or through a trust?

- What is Capital Gains Tax, and what can I do about it?

- What is deductible on rental income?

Presented by: 

Wessel Robertson, Enderstein van der Merwe - | Attorneys - Notaries - Conveyancers



What’s it like to list my property on Airbnb?

Cape Town is placed #12 on global rankings and independent research suggests that some property owners can pay off their bond quicker by listing on the platform.  

- Which areas and property types are the most popular?

- What can you expect if you list your property on Airbnb?  

- What is expected of you?

Presented by:

Chregan O’Flynn – airManaged


My experience in Property Investment

Warren Brusse is a professional property investor and property investment coach.  He has personally concluded over 40 residential property acquisitions and coached over 100 people in property investment. 

- How I got started in property investment 

- Why I re-evaluated my investment strategy and diversified assets 

- My current investment strategy and area of focus

Presented by:

Warren Brusse – UK Property Partners & SA Property Investors Network


Unpacking the new property-related legislation

Significant changes to property-related legislation come into effect in 2017. What are some of the potential impacts of the policy amendments to the; 

- 2015 Expropriation Bill

- Protection of Investment Bill

- Deeds Registries Amendment Bill

- EE Property Sectoral Charter 

- Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act.

Presented by:

Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes 

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