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  • How can you create wealth through residential property investment? 9/20/2018

    The idea of investing in residential property is considered so intimidating by some, it’s often avoided entirely as a vehicle for wealth creation. The thought of finding the perfect property, applying for a sizable loan, navigating taxes and transfer duties, and finding an acceptable tenant, is enough to make any aspiring new investor turn to easier options – with far lower barriers to entry and less commitment.

  • 7 tips for choosing the right investment property 9/5/2018

    Buying a property and renting it out is one of the best ways of securing future wealth. However, it is important to ensure that the property in question is going to make money in both the short and the long term.

  • Pets and a rental home 8/28/2018

    Here’s what can you do to ensure you and your animals remain on the good side of your landlord.

  • More women than any other group are buying property in Gauteng 8/23/2018

    Lightstone Property’s Cindy Bezuidenhout says this trend could be indicative of women becoming more economically empowered

  • What are your rights when developers build next door? 8/17/2018

    Do property developers have a responsibility to let you know when they plan to develop next to your home? And can you object?

  • Fourways property market geared for growth 8/15/2018

    A concentration of mixed-use, commercial and residential developments are significantly driving growth in the Fourways property sector.

  • Should you buy or rent in South Africa right now? 8/10/2018

    A question which often arises is ‘should I rent or should I buy?’

  • Tips for new property investors 8/8/2018

    Property is a great way to create wealth and those who want to secure their future should seriously consider tapping in to this market as soon as possible.

  • Consider investing in property 8/1/2018

    There are advantages to pay cash for an investment property, but also disadvantages if one ploughs all his capital into one asset, leaving little to invest for emergencies.

  • Are You Ready To Buy An Investment Property? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First 7/31/2018

    Buying an investment property is a lucrative diversification strategy for many people. However, as with any investment strategy, you'll want to do research first to make sure that this particular avenue is right for you. With that in mind, we have your back. We've compiled the three biggest questions that you need to ask yourself before buying an investment property. Read on to see how your answers shake out. 

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