Theatre Presentations


Brought to you by Standard Bank

10:00 Attorney Realtor Hub - How to buy any property with private funding available - using a Rent2Buy or an installment sales agreement - DOWNLOAD HERE

11:00 Private Property - From property rookie to expert in no time - how to find the best property and best deals  - DOWNLOAD HERE 

12:00 Standardbank - Financial considerations when buying your first home - DOWNLOAD HERE

13:00 Department of Human Settlements  - FLISP - Government subsidies for first-time buyers earning less than R15, 000 per month - DOWNLOAD HERE

14:00 SSLR Inc - Understanding the transfer process, dodging the pitfalls and knowing your rights - DOWNLOAD HERE

15:00 Nedbank - 4 essential tips for firs-time buyers - DOWNLOAD HERE

16:00 Housecheck - Don't let your dream home become a nightmare - practical tips on what to look for when buying a home - DOWNLOAD HERE


10:00 Real Estate Investor Magazine - Secrets to Successful Real Estate Investing - DOWNLOAD HERE

11:00 Empire Wealth - How do you finance an investment property? - DOWNLOAD HERE

12:00 Lightstone Property - Western Cape's best performing investment hot-spots - DOWNLOAD HERE

13:00 SA Property Investors Network - Extracting value through property development – DOWNLOAD HERE

14:00 Enderstein van der Merwe - How to run a tax efficient property portfolio - DOWNLOAD HERE

15:00 Danielle Kriel Attorney - A landlords guide for dealing with leases and problem tenants - DOWNLOAD HERE

16:00 The Expert Landlord - Managing your rental property like a pro - DOWNLOAD HERE