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First-Time Buyers

Are you looking for your first home?

The Property Buyer Show is a first of its kind exhibition aimed at guiding first-time buyers through the property buying process and introducing you to all of the companies who can help you along the way.

Buying your first home can be an overwhelming experience, and putting all your hard earned money into something that you are uncertain about is a daunting thought.   The Property Buyer Show gives you an opportunity to listen to the best advice from industry experts, ask questions, and shop for the best deals. 

The First-Time-Buyer Theatre, located within the exhibition, has a packed programme of educational and inspirational seminars where you can expect to learn;

  • How much can I afford based on my income?
  • What criteria do the banks use to decide if I will get a bond?
  • How do I make sure I am getting the best deal?
  • How much will the legal and transfer fees cost?
  • Do I have to use my bank's law firm?
  • What is bond cover? Life insurance?
  • How long will the process take?
  • What is occupational rent?
  • What happens to my repayments if the interest rate goes up?
  • What other costs can I expect to incur?

Benefits for first time home buyers include:

  • Meet with financiers and understand your affordability, how to apply for a bond, and shop around for the best interests rates.
  • Meet with Estate Agents who can help you find your dream home.
  • Meet with developers selling off-plan – saving you money on expensive transfer duties.
  • Meet with insurance companies who can provide your life, building and home contents cover.
  • Meet with the law firms who will register the purchase with the deeds office and advise you about including the property on your Will.
  • See some of the leading brands and products that you can furnish your new home with!

“We want to buy a house next year, but don’t really know where to start. There are lots of articles online but it would be much better to talk to a real person and ask questions” – 28-year-old female – First-time Buyer 

Property Investors

Are you looking to build wealth through your property portfolio?

Do you already own a home? And are you looking for a second property to rent out? Or a seasoned property investor with an existing portfolio?

The Property Buyer Show is the only place where you can get an end-to-end service and meet, compare and consider multiple options under one roof.

Browsing the exhibition will present opportunities to chat directly with the developers and the leading Estate Agents, look at the current stock and show price activation specials, or talk about their future development pipelines.

Video, models and 3D virtual tours will provide a digital insight into the properties and meeting lounges are available to chat with the agents, banks and law firms who can help you build your property portfolio. 

The Property Investor Theatre, located within the exhibition, has a packed programme of educational and inspirational seminars where you can expect to learn;

Some key questions to be answered in the Property Investor Theatre

  • Where are the best areas for buy-to-let in the Western Cape?
  • What rental returns can I expect?
  • Should I, and how can I, invest in international property?
  • What is the best way to manage Capital Gains Tax - buying in a trust or privately?
  • How do I structure my tax with the additional income from a rental?
  • Should I use a leasing agent, what are their fees and what service can I expect from them?
  • What am I responsible for in sectional title?

“I would attend an event like this.  I would look at the different developments in the morning and compare multiple options.  I can chat with the bank in the afternoon and if it all looks good, put in an offer to purchase at the end of the day” 37-year-old male - Property Investor.